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    1. I agree that after taking the Golf Course Subscription, the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the Bye Laws of the Club and Rules and Regulations that may be made from time to time or may be amended from time to time will be binding on me.
    2. I am aware that I will be a subscriber only for the period that I have opted for as mentioned.
    3. I agree that the Poona Club Ltd. reserves the right to terminate my subscription in case of conviction by a court of law, being insolvent violation of Financial commitment with the Club, social indiscipline, failure to clear any golf playing dues or Cafeteria Dues etc by me or my family as per due date.
    4. I declare that I am adequately insured for any medical /accidental emergency that may arise on the golf course. I will not hold the Management of Poona club Ltd. (Golf) liable for any injury or medical condition on the Golf course.
    5. I declare that I will be solely / responsible for compensating Individuals injured / vehicles damaged outside / inside the complex, by a golf ball hit astray.