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    First-time ApplicantRenewing Subscription

    Subscription Category

    FOR F.Y 2022-23

    GST @18%


    Total (INR)

    162841 Month





    325682 Month





    488523 Month





    81421 Month Junior (Upto 14 to 18)





    244263 Month Junior (Upto 14 to 18)





    54281 Month Junior (Below 14)





    162843 Month Junior (Below 14)





    542804 Month Adult





    610655 Month Adult





    942706 Month Adult





    474536 Month Junior (Below 14)





    661806 Month Junior (Upto 14 to 18)





    Subscription Category


    GST @18%

    Total (INR)

    211692Yearly Couple




    141600Yearly Couple Senior (Over 70)




    61065Yearly Defence




    53100Yearly Junior (Below 14)




    79650Yearly Junior (Upto 14 to 18)




    82600Yearly Senior (Over 70)








    Personal Details



    Family Details




    Date of Birth

    Golf Professional Information





    Membership Declaration

    1. I have read the attached Terms and Conditions of Golf Playing Subscription Scheme and I agree to the same.

    2. I am aware of exclusive and unfettered right of Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) to take a decision regarding my application for Golf subscription. I undertake not to raise any objection at any time if my application is rejected by Poona Club Ltd. (Golf).

    3. I agree that if I am selected, the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the Bye Laws of the Club and Rules and Regulations that may be made from time to time or may be amended from time to time will be binding on me.

    4. I am aware that I will be a subscriber only for the period that I have opted for as mentioned in The Clause 1 of the terms and conditions mentioned in the Annexure attached.

    5. I agree that the Poona club Ltd. (Golf) reserves the right to terminate my subscription in case of conviction by a court of law, being insolvent violation of Financial commitment with the Club, social indiscipline, failure to pay annual subscription in advance each year, failure to clear any golf playing dues or Cafeteria Dues etc by me or my family as per due date

    6. Copy of Passport/ Driving License/Aadhar card will be submitted by me along with the application.In case foreign NationalPassport No.: Passport Validity: Visa Valid up to:

    7. I have read all the terms and Conditions as per the attached Annexure and agree to abide by the terms and Conditions mentioned therein.

    8. I declare that I am adequately insured for any medical /accidentaI emergency that may arise on the Golf course. I will not hold the Management of Poona club Ltd (Golf) liable for any injury or medical condition on the Golf course.

    Terms and conditions Yearly Golf Playing Subscription Scheme

    1. The Golf Playing Subscription under the special Scheme shall be from From 1st April to 31st March

    2. The Subscription fees will be a one time non-refundable payment of Rs. /-

    3. If there is any change in the address of the Subscriber, the same shall be communicated in writing by the Subscriber to the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) and shall obtain acknowledgement thereof from the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf). Unless the change in the address is duly communicated and recorded with the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf), the address of the Subscriber given in the Application for Golf Playing Subscription and recorded and registered with the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) shall be presumed to be the address of the Subscriber and all the correspondence by the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) with the Subscriber shall be on the same address. Subsequently, no complaint can be made that the communication letters, correspondence, etc. was not received or not properly served upon the subscriber.

    4. The Subscriber his spouse and his children below the age of 18 shall be issued Golf Playing Subscribership Card which shall mention the category as the Golf Playing Subscribership and the year for which the Card is issued. The Card of spouse and children shall mention as "Dependent of the Golf Playing Subscriber". The spouse and the children (below the age of 18 year) of the Subscriber shall only be entitled to entry to cafeteria/Club house facility on the basis of the Golf Playing Subscription of the Subscriber.

    5. In addition to the Annual Subscription Fees, the Subscriber shall pay -Indian Golf Union (IGU) Charges per Subscriber per year as applicable. (Here the term Subscriber means the Golf Playing Subscriber under the Scheme individually for all purposes).

    6. Facility:-
      Spouse and their Children up to 18 years of Special Golf Playing Subscribers under the Scheme can avail facility of the Cafeteria. However, they will have to pay for the Snacks/ Food / Liquor they have consumed as per Bill.

    7. In case of default on the part of Subscriber to pay the charges other than the Annual Fees within the prescribed/stipulated period or within the extended period as the case may be, the management of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) has right to suspend the Golf Playing Subscribership of the Subscriber up to the period of 90 days. If such dues are not paid within a period of 90 days maximum from the date of suspension of the Golf Playing Subscribership, the management of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) has right to terminate the Golf Playing Subscribership of one year of these terms and conditions shall apply mutatis-mutandis.

    8. The suspension and/or termination of the Subscriber's Subscribership shall also disentitle his/her spouse and the children from enjoying or making use of the cafeteria/ Clubhouse at the Golf Course.

    9. If the Subscriber or his/her spouse or his/her children/child causes damages/injury to the property/Member/Subscriber of the Club or violates any of the rules of playing Golf or any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or any of the Rules and Regulations of the Golf Course, Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) or any of the Byelaws and/or the Articles of Association of the Poona Club Ltd. The Subscriber’s Subscribership shall be terminated.

    10. The suspension of the Subscriber from the Golf Playing Subscribership shall prohibit him and also his/her spouse and children from using any facility, which a Golf Subscriber is entitled to receive.

    11. The Golf Playing Subscriber/Subscriber's spouse and children shall conduct himself/herself in a decent and cordial manner with all other Golf Players, staff and other concerned persons.

    12. Any disorderly behavior or misconduct, including but not restricted to, drunkenness, cheating, using abusive language, causing damage/loss to the property of the Club, obstructing Club staff/other Golfers from pe rfo r m in g their normal duties/playing golf, or failure to follow the Professional Golf Association Rules and Regulations etc. on the part of the Golf Playing Subscriber, Subscriber’s spouse and children shall attract disciplinary action, after enquiry by the Club authorities, if so found necessary by the Club authorities. The decision of the Club authorities in this matter shall be final and binding on the Golf Playing Subscriber, Subscriber’s spouse and children.

    13. The Club reserves the right to amend, to alter these Rules as may be deemed necessary and essential and Rules as amended will be binding on the Golf Playing Subscriber, his/her spouse and children as the case may be, and no separate consent of the Subscriber for the purpose shall be necessary.

    14. It is specifically stated and agreed to be accepted by the Subscriber that he/she shall not be a member of the Poona Club Ltd. nor shall have right to claim any benefits and rights as the Club Member.

    15. The Golf Playing Subscriber shall have right to enter the Golf Course and the facilities provided thereto only and shall have no right of entry and/or the benefits in any other part of the Poona Club Ltd or Club activities.

    16. The Subscription Fee under the Scheme is a stand-alone fee and is not linked to any other subscription or fees at the Poona Club Ltd (Golf).

    17. The Golf Playing Subscriber agrees that his Golf Playing Subscribership will automatically stand terminated at the end of One Year Period. It is further made clear that on such termination the Golf Playing Subscriber, his/her spouse/and or children shall not raise any claim, dispute, etc. of whatsoever nature.

    18. The Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) has absolute/exclusive and unfettered right to reject any application for Golf Playing Subscribership without assigning any reason and that no applicant shall raise nor shall have the right to raise any objection, claims or disputes etc. of whatsoever nature in this respect.

    19. In case of any dispute between the Subscribers including the spouse/children and the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) the decision of the Managing Committee of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf), shall be final.

    20. The Annual Golf Playing Subscribership is an independent scheme and is not linked with any other scheme. There are no concessions to accommodate any overlapping scheme. Any Verbal acceptances will not be entertained. The application has to be in writing in the prescribed form with full compliance as mentioned hereinabove.

    21. In any unforeseen circumstances of the subscriber deceasing during the period of the said year, the benefits for the remainder period shall not be transferable and the subscription fee will not be refunded

    22. The subscription is for a limited period of one year and the same is not transferable. The subscriber also cannot seek any holiday and the same is to run continuously from the date of grant of subscription.

    23. It is explicitly agreed and understood that the decision of the Managing Committee of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) shall be final and binding upon the subscriber and the same shall not be appealable.

    24. In any unforeseen circumstances of the subscriber expiring before the expiry of seven years period or become incapable to utilize the Golf facility of the Club, then the said subscription shall automatically stand cancelled or otherwise terminated and the subscriber shall not be entitled for refund of entry fee or any annual subscription paid. It is further clarified that the entry fee is one time payment and non-refundable.
      the Applicant for Golf Playing Subscribership of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf), do hereby admit that I have read the terms and conditions for the Golf Playing Subscribership written herein above and I unconditionally accept the same and that I agree to abide by the said terms and conditions. I further agree that all these terms and conditions and also the Rules and Regulations of the Golf Course of the Poona Club Ltd. (Golf) modified from time to time, shall also be binding on me, my spouse and my children. I have therefore signed hereunder in the presence two witnesses on this ,
      at Pune.

    25. The payment should be made in favor of’ Poona Club Ltd. (Golf)’

    26. Committee reserves rights to reject the form in that case the amount to be refunded.


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