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    1. I hereby declare and confirm that:-

      • I am Senior Class I Gazetted Officer, posted at Pune.

      • My Job is transferable.

      • I shall abide by the rules, terms & conditions as laid down from time to time by Poona Club Ltd.

      • I shall pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 5,000 (Rs. Five thousand only).

      • I shall ensure my monthly bills are paid regularly to Club within the specified period.

    2. I agree that if I am elected, the Memorandum & Articles of Association and the Bye/Laws of the Club, as
      amended from time to time, shall be binding on me.

    3. I shall provide the service certificate ( as per specimen given by Poona Club Ltd.) on letter head pad of my department every year in the 1st week of April, failing which my GS liable to be terminated with immediate effect.

    4. If I am posted out of Pune city, I shall inform the Club immediately, clear my dues and return my Gymkhana Subscribership card to Poona Club along with all cards of my family. If I fail to do so my deposit will be forfeited by the Club.

    5. In case of my transfer, I agree that my GS is terminated and if I am re-posted to Pune City, I shall apply with the fresh application.

    6. If I am not elected/selected for conversion from Gymkhana Subscribership to Permanent Membership, I shall not make any representations and hold the Poona Club responsible in any case and shall not file any court case against the Poona Club.

    7. I and my dependents in no way will misuse the Club facilities. My children above 21 years of age are not entitled to use the club facilities unless signed as Guest.

    8. If I fail to do so the Management of the Club has the right to terminate my Membership.

    9. In case my dues to the Club exceed the deposit amount (as stated above) in any month my credit facility automatically ceases.

    10. I also undertake that if I do not pay my bills by due date mentioned in the bill, an interest of 2% per month on the outstanding amount be charged on me.

    11. No departmental enquiry against me is pending while applying for Gymkhana Subscribership.

    12. In case my dues to the Club exceed the deposit amount (as above) in any month my credit facility automatically ceases.


    1. “Gymkhana Subscriber” means a person who is a Senior Class I Gazetted Officer of the Central or State Government posted in Pune and is eligible to apply for the said subscribership to use the Club facilities and may be admitted by the Committee as per provisions contained in the Bye Laws, but will not entitle him to any privileges such as voting or the Management of the properties of the Club.

    2. Gymkhana Subscribers shall be charged the One time Membership Fee not exceeding Rs 5000/- on his election as Gymkhana Subscriber and will be required to pay the prevailing yearly subscription. Such subscribership shall be renewable every year, till he/she is in service and after completing 36 continuous months after he/she has become Gymkhana Subscriber while posted in Pune, he/she shall be entitled to apply for Life/Permanent Membership and if elected, shall pay the then prevailing Membership Fees and subscriptions applicable to Life/Permanent Members. Such an applicant shall be allowed to continue as a Gymkhana Subscriber till such time as his/her application is finally decided, provided he/she is still in service and posted in Pune. The Club Committee is authorized to convert Gymkhana Subscribership to Life/Permanent Membership of up to a maximum of 10 such Gymkhana Subscribers each Financial year.

    3. Application for conversion of membership should be made while posted in Pune.

    4. The Application shall be signed by the candidate and shall be proposed and seconded by a Life or Permanent Member of the Club who has been a member for a minimum period of 10 yrs and do not have any arrears pending against their names.

    5. For eligibility for conversion to “Life / Permanent member, the applicant should be posted in Pune at the time of Ballot.

    6. After the 10 applicants have been finalized for a particular financial year, all balance applications received in that year shall lapse.

    7. Applicants for Gymkhana Subscribership must be Senior Class 1 Gazette Officers of the Central or State Government.

    8. Officers of the Defense Services paid out of Defense Estates will also be eligible for election as Gymkhana Subscribers.

    9. The Applicant must be posted in the City of Pune and may be admitted by the Committee as per provisions contained in the Articles and Bye Laws (as updated from time to time) for the duration of his tenure in Pune on a yearly basis subject to him/her providing the Club with relevant Government Resolution GR at the time of application.

    10. Senior Class ! Gazette Officers of the Central or State Government means officers as mentioned below:

      • For Central Govt – Indian Administrative Service (IAS) / Indian Forest Service (IFS) / Indian Police Service (IPS) Indian Revenue Ser4vice (IRS)/ Indian Defense Estate Service (IDES)

      • For State Govt – Superintendant and Commissioner of State Excise and above / PWD – Chief Engineer and above.

      • Police dept – DCP, Superintendant of Police and above.

      • Armed Forces – Rank of full Colonel and above, Commissioned Officers of Southern Command posted in Pune.