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    100 + 1000



    24898Yearly (Children below 15 years)


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    18998Half Yearly


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    Terms and conditions

    1. Applicant should be an Indian Citizen.

    2. Applicant should be a person of good standing in the society and in good health.

    3. Candidate should be proposed and seconded by a member of Poona Club Ltd who have completed 10 years of membership.

    4. The period of the playing subscribership for Six month period will from 1st April to 30 Sep and for yearly 1st April to 31 Mar

    5. Subscription fees are non-refundable and not adjustable in any manner.

    6. If there is a change in the address of the playing subscriber, the same shall be communicated in writing by the playing subscriber to The Poona Club Ltd and shall obtain an acknowledgment thereof from the Club. The address as mentioned in the application form will be considered to be the final. All communication will be sent to him/her at that address.

    7. The playing subscriber shall be given a card which shall mention the specific sport for which he is playing. The card will only be valid for one year for that particular sport. Discipline and access to other sport areas/venues in the club will be strictly prohibited.

    8. If the playing subscriber damages/causes injury to the property of the club, or violates any of the rules of playing the game or usage of the facility or any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or any of the rules and regulations of the Poona Club Ltd or any Bye laws or Articles of association of the Poona Club Ltd, Pune, the playing subscribership shall be terminated by written communication to the effect and the playing subscribership shall stand terminated from the date of such communication.


    After submitting the application please make payment online on the following page to complete your application.